In 2006, The Press Democrat called Bartalini “a major reason Sonoma County’s largest concert venue, has raised its profile.”

In 2008, the North Bay Biz Magazine said of Bartalini “he’s helped put the Center and Santa Rosa on the map, consistently booking high-profile artists.” In 2009 and 2010, the magazine voted the Center “Best Entertainment Venue.”

In 2010, Two-time Grammy Hall of Fame inductee Johnny Mathis said from his home in Beverly Hills regarding Bartalini: What a joy it has been to know and work with this talented and kind man for these past years. His knowledge of this theater and the neighborhood it services have always been so important and helpful to me and my co-workers. Nothing was ever too much trouble for his complete attention and concern. I hope that someone somewhere gets the benefit of all of the best qualities a person can have that he possesses. I will always treasure his generous spirit and continued presence.

You treat our artists with the utmost respect and we enjoy a great working relationship with you. I hope we continue to do business together for many years to come.

Bill LeopoldW.F Leopold Management

One of the most experienced buyers I deal with.

Brett SteinbergCreative Artists Agency

You’re a gentleman and we try to recognize the good people in our business. You are a great guy, great promoter. Absolutely nothing more you could have done better. Full class act. He has nothing but great things to say about our shows with you in the past. We truly appreciate all of your care, class and effort. Thanks,

Dave KaplanDave Kaplan Management

Rick–Just wanted to thank you so much again for going so above and beyond last night, making our visit to Santa Rosa incredibly special. Not only did the guys and I love doing the show—but the backstage was even better! The food, the wine, the GIFTS, the amazing hospitality…you really outdid yourself. In all my years of gigs, I’ve never seen anything like it!! Jim, Mark and Bill—you guys would’ve been amazed. Thanks so much again, Ricky—it’s was an extremely memorable night, and certainly one stop we will not soon forget on SJC 2008. Happy holidays and hope to see you again very soon. Thanks again.

Dave KozJust Koz Entertainment, Inc.

I just have to say it..I don’t think we’ve ever been treated this nice before…let’s give them a hand…

David Archuleta

Carole King- a major thank you back. You guys were 110% wonderful and more. You don’t know what it means to a group to end a tour like that, and we really appreciate the effort!

Joe Cardosi

Thank you Rick. Your theater and hospitality were the best I’ve ever experienced

Joel McHale

Rick, I hope you’re well. You are one of the most proactive, marketing-wise buyers we deal with and I just want you to know that, and to know that we appreciate your partnership.

Kerry HansenWynonna, Inc.

Hey Rick, tonight’s show was the best show I’ve seen, may be ever. Both men were spontaneous and affectionately generous with each other and the audience, and it worked. The warmth and humor onstage was amazing. Thanks for your determination and vision, without which this night would never have happened! Cheers, Lisa p.s. you took a huge risk…pushing two legends as far as you did…it was magic and it paid off. It really was as good as it gets!! It made for a night we will never forget. Thanks forever;) Love on! Kris, Lisa and family

Kris & Lisa Kristofferson

Regarding HBO special Long Live the Queen Lisa Lampanelli – Rick, YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Thank you so much for the photos — they are amazing! And thanks for everything you did for me last weekend, and throughout the past few months. The show would not have been a success without you. I love you and look forward to working together again soon. XO, Lisa.

Lisa Lampanelli

You are so welcome! I can never fully express how much I appreciate you and everyone at the venue. You were such a huge part of making it this a success. xoxo Mags

Maggie HoulehanParallel Entertainment

Has to be said, and David insisted that I spread the word.. we could not have been treated better, the staff, the production, promotions, everything was top notch – might have easily been the best vibe of the whole tour and we are only just started (kind of like the best movie of the 80s being raging bull and it was released in 1980 – the best came first.. lol) would recommend the venue, the gig to anyone and hope to get back there because of how great it was.

Raymond AmicoTour Manager for David Archuleta

Regarding Dana Carvey for HBO – You really did it up right to make this an event and not just another show. Great job and congratulations!

Robert NormanCreative Artists Agency

Gil says that it was the best concert experience that he ever had – and everyone agrees. As I told you he said of all the years working with Johnny Mathis (35 years), Santa Rosa, Dec 2-3, 2005 was the best.

Robert ScottManager for Johnny Mathis, Dec. 2005

Really, that’s the most impressively laid out plan of the year…I love details like that AND NEVER GET THEM. Thank you for bringing us back, believing in our artist and for spending that dough. You are a role model in efficiency…

Rondal RichardsonWynonna, Inc

You’re a pro and I wish that all promoters could be like you!! Makes the stress much less!!

Stacy MarkWilliam Morris Agency

Thanks Rick again thanks for everything you did that made it a special night (for Kathy Griffin, Bravo Special). You really went over and beyond and made me look pretty smart on this. Much appreciated.

Steve LevineICM Talent

Well Rick, my friend, this is Wynonna, and I’m sitting in a trailer on the Paramount lot doing a TV show and I’m sitting here with Kerry Hansen and Tami Olin….and we were talking about you, and how your gift not only to myself, but the band and crew, and to the children but to Scarlett…that really was just like the top five of the coolest things ever in my 24 years that anyone has ever done for me….and I just want you to know that I appreciate you….because everybody just had such a great day, that day, and to top it off you went out of your way to bless each and every person individually and that just really made a huge impact on our group….and it’s amazing how that kind of love and support just causes people – it’s very life giving and it was a really special thing that you did and I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate it. It’s a long road and days like the one we had with you make it worth while so…I hope you get some time off. Merry Christmas to you and a very happy healthy New Year and I look forward to seeing you again next year!

Wynonna Judd